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The Love Bag

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Are you in a bit of a wild mood? The Love Bag is for those who are wild at heart, curious and... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Love Bag"

Are you in a bit of a wild mood?

The Love Bag is for those who are wild at heart, curious and warm blooded. Those who live for the moment but also take their responsibility for safety. You can use it for a surprise, as a gift, for a spontaneous or planned sexy moment.

For someone you’ve just met, someone you like or someone you love. For just an ordinary weekday or a lazy Sunday.

At that amazing festival, for a seductive night in a hotel, an exciting outdoor location or at your place after a promising date. To please and seduce each other and to feel the attraction.

The Love Bag makes sure that you can enjoy temptation, seduction and intimate moments together everywhere and at any time!

Curious what’s in The Love Bag?

The Love Bag  has a discrete package which contains a mixture of exciting and teasing products. There’s an interactive QR-code on the back, which will show you the exciting content of The Love Bag.

The bag holds two condoms, one lubricant sachet, one massage oil sachet, a cock ring with a buzzer, a blindfold, a tickler and most important of all: TLB enables an experience filled with seduction that you won’t easily forget!

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