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Rocks-Off  - Ramsey Rabbit Ramsey Rabbit
CHF 26,00 *
LELO - Liv 2 Liv 2
CHF 139,00 *
LELO - Gigi 2 Gigi 2
CHF 139,00 *
LELO - Iris Iris
CHF 149,00 *
LELO - Mona 2 Mona 2
CHF 149,00 *
LELO - Mona Wave Mona Wave
CHF 159,00 *
LELO - Isla Isla
CHF 169,00 *
LELO - Soraya Soraya
CHF 219,00 *
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FAIRY MASSAGER - Love Magic - Wand Recharge
Love Magic - Wand Recharge
Personal wand massager with 10 speeds and 20 wave pulsations.
CHF 40,00 *
We-Vibe - Match
Paarvibrator mit doppelter Stimulierung. Entfachen Sie das Feuer in Ihrem Sexleben mit rollenden Vibrationen, die Sie beide genießen können. Der We-Vibe® Match™ ist ein Paarvibrator, der bequem zwischen Ihnen und Ihrem Partner sitzt. Der...
CHF 139,00 *
Rocks-Off - O-Boy
Für das 'O' in OMG. Der Neuzugang im Rocks Off-Sortiment wird mit Sicherheit Ihr bester Freund im Schlafzimmer werden. Sowohl für Anfänger als auch erfahrene P-Punkt-Enthusiasten: Das schlanke, stromlinienförmige und arglose Design des...
CHF 40,00 *
Rocks-Off - Big Boy
Big Boy
Take your breath away with our Big-Boy large vibrating prostate massager. Brandishing 3 large spheres, 7 vibration settings surge through your body to deliver sublime and filling sensations. Stimulate your prostate and perineum...
CHF 60,00 *
Rocks-Off - Butt Boy
Butt Boy
Butt-Boy is a vibrating butt-plug and perineum massager, combining the stimulation of multiple hot spots for exhilarating sensations that improve the strength and duration of your climax. 7 speeds and vibration patterns hurtle...
CHF 60,00 *
Rocks-Off - Cheeky Boy
Cheeky Boy
The Cheeky-Boy vibrating prostate massager rewards your cheeky side with 4 bulbous spheres for scintillating internal massage. Find your favourite combination of 7 orgasmic settings, and Cheeky-Boy will become your new favourite toy to...
CHF 60,00 *
Rocks-Off  - Naughty Boy
Naughty Boy
The Naughty-Boy is the ideal prostate massager for beginners and those who've tried beginner anal toys and crave more. Slim with carefully crafted curves and 7 satisfying settings, you can experience strong orgasms that leave you gasping...
CHF 60,00 *
Rocks-Off  - Rude Boy
Rude Boy
Are you a rude boy? You will be, and much more with Rude-Boy: the original combined vibrating prostate & perineum massager, and the first to truly have a sit and rock' design that lets you play hands-free. With its mid-sized girth, take...
CHF 60,00 *
Rocks-Off  - Bad Boy
Bad Boy
Be led astray with our Bad-Boy, a large vibrating prostate massager for those experienced with anal play. Feel dual stimulation as its contours fill your passage, and soft nubs massage your perineum, resulting in an overwhelming pleasure...
CHF 60,00 *
210th - The Love Bag
The Love Bag
Are you in a bit of a wild mood? The Love Bag is for those who are wild at heart, curious and warm blooded. Those who live for the moment but also take their responsibility for safety. You can use it for a surprise, as a gift, for a...
CHF 20,00 *
LELO - Gigi 2
Gigi 2
GIGI ist ein -Pleasure Object-, das eigens für das Vergnügen rund um den G-Punkt konzipiert wurde. Seine verlockende Form erschließt die Geheimnisse dieses verborgenen und besonderen Orts, während die außergewöhnliche Gestaltung mit...
CHF 139,00 *
Love to Love - Sexy Vibe
Sexy Vibe
The Love to Love Sexy Vibe is a simple and classic clitoral vibrator that meets all your needs. Sexy Vibe has stepless vibration that is regulated by turning the base of the vibrator, and can be used on all erogenous zones you wish to...
CHF 8,00 *
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