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Bye Bra Dress Tape

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  • 1993
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The Bye Bra dress tape is the same as fashion tape and non-exposure tape: Some dresses can still... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bye Bra Dress Tape"

The Bye Bra dress tape is the same as fashion tape and non-exposure tape: Some dresses can still expose your bra, or too much flesh, if you bend over. The Bye Bra dress tapes make sure that you can wear your backless dress discreetly and confidently.

Bye Bra dress tape is made from a 3M adhesive. The tapes are 23mm by 82mm, and are therefore much wider and longer than the average dress tape. This is a handy feature, because the dress tape should stay all night long, and most dress tapes are too thin for this. The 3M adhesive is of exceptional quality, yet gentle on both skin and garments. The protective layers between them ensure that the tapes do not stick together before usage.

A combination of the Bye Bra adhesive bra together with the dress tape prevent the dreaded ‘nipple slip’. If you wear your Bye Bra with a revealing dress where people might catch unintended glimpses, we advise you to combine your purchase with the Bye Bra dress tape. The Bye Bra dress tape keeps your dress in place to keep your womanly secrets hidden. The dress tape is extra-wide and concealed. There are 30 strips in a pack, however as they are 82mm you can cut them in half so you will have 60 strips.

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Eigenschaften "Bye Bra Dress Tape"
Farbe: Transparent
Inhalt: 30 Stück
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